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Discover the power of intelligence that personalises your ESG stock portfolio at your fingertips.

Sleep better knowing your investment portfolio aligns with your goals and values.

Are you taking the right level of risk to achieve your goal?


Whether you are starting out with investing in a single ETF or a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, your investment decisions depend on your goals and risk tolerance.

Assess and quantify your risk tolerance so you can make a better risk-return trade off decision.

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Empower investors to make the right investment choices

Discover, compare investment opportunities and easily identify winners with the power of intelligence in our platform. Compare your favourite stocks using various valuation models. Analyse their profitabilities, economic moats and leverages. Test your assumptions with our valuation calculator.


Whether you focus on income or growth, narrow down your choices easily with our prebuilt views or filters.

High Dividend Yield

What you get with Piocaro

With disruptive innovations, we strive to make investing easy, simple and personalised specifically for you whether you do it yourself or with your financial adviser.

For Retail Investors
Automated personalised portfolios that align with your goals and values.
Powerful analytics and tools for income, value or growth focused investing.
For Financial Advisers
More time to grow your business and more time to spend with your clients. We automate the portfolio management by harnessing the power of intelligence in our platform.
Happy & Confident clients. Model Portfolio days are gone. We automate and manage your client's risk tolerance so each of your clients can be confident in her personalised portfolios.
Differentiation in your services. We automate and help you build your organisation's approved security list.

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