Invest confidently with new insights

Empower investors to make the right investment choices

Not all professionally managed funds are created equal. Whether you are investing in mutual funds or index tracking ETFs, you deserve an optimised portfolio that best fits your needs.

We help you discover, compare funds and create an optimised portfolio that meets your investment goal and risk tolerance.

We analyse and rank tens of thousands of funds using a Nobel Prize winning theory along with a proven benchmarking method in operations research and economics. The results are presented in intuitive charts so you are empowered to make the right investment choices.

Why Investors love Piocaro?

Investors can now confidently make the right decision and optimise a portfolio that is specifically tailored to their investment goal and risk tolerance.

Why Financial Advisers love Piocaro?

Financial Advisers can now confidently make better & more transparent recommendations for their clients and empower their clients to make the right decisions.