Spend your time where it matters: your clients and your business

Piocaro automates those time consuming but necessary tasks so you have more time to do what matters: spending time with your clients and taking the time to build your business.


Not only about compliance but more importantly about building trusting and lifelong relationships


From managing and tracking each client’s risk tolerance score to constructing and personalising their portfolios, Piocaro assists you with the Know Your Customer compliance and helps you build trusting and lifelong relationships with your clients.

Differentiate your business with your hand-picked security lists

Piocaro provides analytics and tools to help you create your hand-picked security lists. Whether you are a solo independent adviser or you are building a growing team, we can help you create your unique approved securities list to differentiate your business.


Delight your clients with personalised portfolios

Investors are unique and want personalised investment portfolios. We believe a model portfolio is a thing of the past. It no longer meets the demand of today’s investors. Piocaro automatically constructs personalised portfolios for your clients in minutes. Show your clients how their personalised portfolios are aligned with their investment goals and values.

One platform for Financial Advisers

  • Risk Tolerance Assessment

    Manage and track your clients’ risk tolerance assessments, all in one place. Your clients can complete their risk tolerance assessments online in the convenience of their homes or on-the-go on their mobile devices. Their assessments will be automatically saved and archived so you can confidently and quantitatively prove that you Know Your Customer. Our risk tolerance assessment not only assists you with compliance but also to build trusting, lifelong client relationships. Use the assessment along with the automated Smart Portfolio to convert prospects into life-time clients.

  • Stocks Analytics

    Our stock analytics help you to distinguish good businesses from bad ones. When your client buys a good stock, he/she owns a piece of a good business for the long-term. Our platform looks more deeply than the typical stock ratios (P/E, P/B, P/S, etc.) and digs deep into financial reports. We analyse an individual company’s earnings power, sustainable economic moat, financial strength, profitability and leverages. We analyse whether a company’s growth creates or destroys value. The analytics enable you to have data-driven confidence that your client owns a piece of a good business whether he/she is focusing on value, growth or sustainable dividend yields.

  • Funds Analytics

    Our intuitive charts make it easy to analyse and compare ETFs through a market cycle. We take fees and risk-adjusted returns into account so you can make intelligent decisions about which ETFs to recommend or avoid. Our prebuilt views and screeners help you to quickly narrow down your research and identify new investment opportunities for your clients.

  • Your Unique Security List

    Piocaro provides analytics and tools to help you create your organisation’s unique approved security list to differentiate your business.

  • Assets Correlation Heatmap

    With the Heatmap you can visualise the correlations across broad asset classes in your security list so you can make recommendations that will benefit your client the most from portfolio diversification.

  • Smart Portfolio

    Leave the portfolio construction to us so you have more time to do other important things: Spend more time with your clients and more time building your business. Smart Portfolio automatically constructs a personalised portfolio of stocks and bonds in minutes to meet your clients’ goals and values by harnessing the power of analytics intelligence in the platform.

  • Custom Indexing Portfolio

    Personalise a stock portfolio using individual securities in your chosen benchmark index in minutes.

  • Portfolio Optimiser

    Together with your unique approved security list, Portfolio Optimiser enables you to provide your client with the best possible returns at a given level of risk. Our Efficient Frontier line enables you to visualise your client’s portfolio and guides you to make risk-return trade-off decisions. You can be confident that your client’s optimal portfolio aligns with his/her goals and values.

  • Portfolio Analyser

    Use Piocaro’s Portfolio Analyser to demonstrate to your prospects the shortfalls of their current investment allocations, and clearly and quickly illustrate how they can create new optimal portfolios which are personalised to their goals and values.

  • Client Dashboards

    Use Dashboards to manage your clients’ risk tolerance scores, and monitor and track their investment portfolios. Dashboards enable you to monitor and track the alignment between portfolios and your clients’ goals, values, and risk tolerance. You can do this all in one place. It is an essential tool to delight your clients and prospects, differentiate your service and meet the Know Your Customer compliance.