Investing is Personal

We are unique individuals with unique goals and values. We created Piocaro because we believe everyone deserves an investment portfolio that is specifically personalised to us as individuals.

A model portfolio is a thing of the past.


Piocaro empowers you to make personalised choices and better investment decisions

Whether you are just starting out investing in a few index ETFs or you are an experienced investor who wants to hand-pick your ESG stocks, Piocaro provides powerful analytics and automation tools to help you achieve your goals according to your values and risk tolerance.

The power at your finger tips

Personalise your favourite benchmark index portfolio or create a well-diversified portfolio of bonds and stocks. Weed out securities in the index that are not aligned with your values and tailor your investment to your goals and risk tolerance.


Do-it-yourself with our analytics and tools

For an advanced investor who wants to hand-pick securities based on your own criteria (whether it is ESG, dividend, growth or value criteria), Piocaro provides analytics and tools to help you identify new investment opportunities.

One platform for Retail Investors

  • Risk Tolerance Assessment

    A robust risk tolerance assessment to quantify your risk tolerance so you can make an intelligent risk-return trade-off decision for your portfolio. Complete it online in the convenience of your home or on-the-go on your mobile device.

  • Stocks Analytics

    Our stock analytics help you to distinguish good businesses from bad ones. When you buy a good stock, you own a piece of a good business for the long-term. Our platform analyses an individual company’s earnings power, sustainable economic moat, financial strength, profitability & leverages and whether a company’s growth creates or destroys value. These enable you to have data-driven confidence that you own a piece of a good business whether you are focusing on value, growth or sustainable dividend yields.

  • Funds Analytics

    Our intuitive charts make it easy to analyse and compare exchange traded funds (ETFs) through a market cycle. We take fees and risk-adjusted returns into account so you can make intelligent decisions about which ETFs to choose or avoid. Our prebuilt views and screeners help you to quickly narrow down your research and identify new investment opportunities.

  • Assets Correlation Heatmap

    Visualise correlations across broad asset classes in your security list so you can identify securities that will benefit you the most from portfolio diversification.

  • Smart Portfolio

    You tell us your investment aspirations, Piocaro’s Smart Portfolio automatically constructs a personalised portfolio of stocks and bonds in minutes to meet your goals and values. Smart Portfolio harnesses the power of analytics intelligence in the platform.

  • Custom Indexing Portfolio

    Personalise a stock portfolio using individual securities in your chosen benchmark index in minutes.

  • Portfolio Optimiser

    Optimise the allocations of your hand-picked securities to provide the highest returns at a given level of risk. Our Efficient Frontier line enables you to visualise your portfolio and guides you to make risk-return trade off decisions. You can be confident that your optimal portfolio aligns with your goals and values.

  • Portfolio Analyser

    Use the Portfolio Analyser to visualise where your portfolio stands compared to other possible allocations aligned with your risk tolerance level. You can rebalance and optimise your portfolio performance with a few clicks.