About Piocaro

Our Mission

We know there is obvious inequality in access to financial markets. Our mission at Piocaro is to democratise access to financial markets for all. We believe everyone should be able to invest in financial markets and own portfolios that are personalised to their goals and values.

What We Do

We develop a cloud-based and independent investment automation platform, Piocaro, for DIY investors and financial advisers. Piocaro automates the construction of a portfolio of stocks & bonds and personalises it to individuals. To achieve this the platform harnesses the power of intelligent analytics across broad investment classes.

Our Story

Our founder, Budianto Bong, arrived at the idea for Piocaro while managing his 401K roll-over when he & his family moved from Silicon Valley to Australia. Budi consulted financial experts and was not satisfied with the solutions they offered. He refused to put his investment into one of the model portfolios nor to pay significant fees to have someone manage his hard earned savings. There must be a better and easier way to invest in a portfolio that is personalised to us as individuals. Every individual is unique. They have unique goals, values and they deserve portfolios that are specifically personalised to them. A model portfolio is a thing of the past.

As an engineer Budi lived & worked in Silicon Valley in software development and product management for over 20 years. His deep experience in product development at global technology companies taught him the power of technology to solve problems that are both global and personally felt. Budi decided to address this issue by creating a solution that is high quality, accessible and easy to use for DIY investors and financial advisers who believe every individual deserves portfolios that are personalised to their goals and values.

Who We Are

We are a US fintech start-up with a team in Australia and Asia. Our founder, Budi has over 20 years of experience in building innovative technology products at world class companies in Silicon Valley. He has a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University, an MBA from Santa Clara University and advanced management certification from Stanford University. He has a Master of Finance from the University of Sydney.