About Piocaro

We want every investor to be BOLD and CONFIDENT when investing and managing their portfolios whether they are doing it themselves or with their financial advisers.

We provide an advanced portfolio optimisation tool that harnesses intelligent analytics across broad investment classes. This empowers you as an independent investor, or working together with your financial adviser, to make investment choices that are right for you. Our platform enables you to discover investment opportunities and easily create a portfolio specifically tailored to your investment goals and risk tolerance.

We analyse and rank tens of thousands of ETFs, mutual funds and stocks using unique algorithms derived from a Nobel Prize winning theory and a proven method in operations research and economics for benchmarking. The results are presented in intuitive charts so choosing the right investment is no longer a pain in the asset.

Our Story

The Founder, Budianto Bong, arrived at the original idea for Piocaro while independently managing his own 401K (superannuation). While there is general guidance on asset allocation for a portfolio, the specific implementation is not straight forward. There must be a better and easier way to create a portfolio that is optimised to us individually.

With his background in high-tech product development in Silicon Valley and an advanced degree in Finance, Budi decided to address this issue by creating a solution that is high quality, accessible and easy to use for those who want portfolios that are tailored to their needs.

Who we are

We are a US fintech start-up with a development team in Australia and Asia. As the founder, Budi has over 20 years of experience building innovative technology products at world class companies in Silicon Valley. He has a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University, an MBA from Santa Clara University and advanced management certification from Stanford University. He has a Master of Finance from the University of Sydney. Our advisers, Dr. Jiri Svec and Dennis Wildenberg, have deep expertise in Finance and Financial Services. Together, they bring over 50 years of wisdom.